Great sport played with three teams at the same time on one
court, using a giant 4-foot (1.2 m) diameter ball weighing only 2
lbs (1 kg). The serving team calls the color of one of the
opposite teams of its choice. The team that has been called
must catch the ball before it touches the floor and then serve it
back to another team. If a team lets the ball drop to the floor,
the two other teams score one point each. Players can use
their whole body to keep the ball off the floor but only the upper
body to serve the ball.


OMNIKIN® SIX balls are a set of 6 light and durable balls
available in 6 different colors: red, orange, yellow, blue, plum
and green. With these 6 balls, one entire class can be involved
in many games with 6 different teams at the same time. Great
for small or larger groups. Score in 6 hoops, tag the 6 colors,
kick it 6 times, keep the 6 squares, use feet, hands or head,
bounce, jump sit on the ball and more! Formerly known as
“Mass-Sports balls/ All-Sports balls”.

OMNIKIN® SUPER ball is a wonderful giant football that is
easy and exciting to kick, pass and run with. The OMNIKIN®
Super ball game allows everyone to touch the ball while
teaching sportsmanship, competition and strategy. The teams
have to cross the goal line with passes and runs like flag
football, but without physical contact.

OMNIKIN® BASKET ball is bigger than a basketball to facilitate
learning and practicing of techniques & strategies. Especially
designed to make the game accessible and really motivating for
everybody. OMNIKIN® Basketball can be played by scoring in
hoops, using a bounce on the wall or by kicking the ball to the
basketball backboard.
Cooperative Games

Teamwork, cooperation and coordination. Use these balls to
develop individual skills and to play non traditional games.
Easy to handle due to their size and lightness; they are a
perfect tool to develop imagination and creativity. You can roll
it, pass and move the ball in team, make a tag game by
touching players with the ball, keep your balance on the ball
with the help of teammates, play giant volleyball or other more
competitive games.
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